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So you want to buy a hot tent?

wall tent, prospector tent, canvas tent, hunting tent, military tent, trappers tent, Fort MacPherson

So you want to buy a hot tent?

With the onset of winter #winteriscoming, Kevin Callan’s release of his new book Complete Guide to Winter Camping and the first Ontario Winter Camping Symposium just a few weeks ago, winter camping seems to be catching on as fast as a runaway freight toboggan on a down hill.

Here are some tips for buying a used ‘hot tent’:

Search terms, lots of times we see people post that they can’t find anything online on buy and sell sites like kijiji or market place. But much of the time it comes down to not using the right search words. Hot tents go by many different names other than the usual suspects.

wall tent, prospector tent, canvas tent, hunting tent, military tent, trappers tent, Fort MacPherson

Fort McPherson Wall tent bought off Kijiji by our 18yr daughter

Good search words:

Wall tent, canvas tent, prospector tent, military tent, bell tent you get the idea right?

But some other uncommon search words can be:

Bakers tent, hunters tent, trappers tent, teepee, wedge tent

Don’t forget to search by manufacturer which is less common but always worth a try. Depending on what you’re looking for Arctic Oven, Snowtrekker and Atuk. There are many others that could be closer to you, a simple google search can help you there.

If searches fail to turn up any prospects, try posting an in search of (ISO), looking for or wanted ad you never know what might turn up.

Tell other outdoor friends you’re looking, your friend’s girlfriend’s fathers uncle might have one to sell.

Join a winter camping group, there are several on facebook and online.

If the gold goose chooses to drop a Snowtrekker in your lap at an unbelievable price, grab it before it disappears and feel free to gloat to your friends who are still looking.

Still can’t find a tent, well go camping any. The right tent will come along when it comes along.

Happy hunting,



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winter camping, Kevin Callan, hot tenting, snow

Winter Camping by Kevin Callan





Ontario Winter Camping Symposium

Ontario Winter Camping Symposium

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