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Artist Lake, Killarney Provincial Park

Artist Lake, Killarney Provincial Park ©MarianSonntag

A family that camps together stays together……

There’s nothing quite like the outdoors. Why give it up or put it on hold when kids enter the picture? We have been camping with our 4 kids since they were infants. In fact our first born went on her very first trip at 2 months old in a yurt in Algonquin Park in January. Since that first very literal baby step, we have never looked back. Instead we choose to plan back country trips that could be adapted to our growing family. Its really  not that hard once you accept the capabilities of your family group. Remember the saying ‘you are only as fast as your slowest person in your group’? It holds true for paddling and camping back country too. Maybe that big back country canoe route just turned into a paddle-in base camping trip or a stay in the camp ground with day trips. As the kids grow older they can shoulder longer days on the water and can help portage gear for trips further into the back country. I can guarantee that if the kids are happy and fed, then fun and enjoyment of getting out there will follow. I am happy to share our accomplishments and mistakes, hints and tips to help parents and families find ways to get out there and enjoy our beautiful province.


Silver Peak, Killarney Provincial Park August 2015

Silver Peak, Killarney Provincial Park August 2015 ©MarianSonntag

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