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An Algonquin Pine Martin

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We all know we shouldn’t feed the wildlife right? Even though they look cute, begging or even maybe sick or injured. Feeding them isn’t doing them any favours, they are wild animals and have a role to play in the life cycle even if it means dying under a tree and becoming part of the food chain (sorry but its true) I’m not going to jump into the whole baiting debate that happens in the photography world either, just know it does happen for the price of a picture. We have camped at Mew lake for more than 20 years, there has always been some form of ‘Oscar’ that visits the garbage that are now moluks. That means an entire line of descents have learned that this is the place to get food. While I am always happy to see wildlife when camping or ‘out there’ I would much prefer to catch a glimpse of them in the forest, along the shore or a portage than scrounging through garbage. I took this short video clip on  Monday February 19, 2018. I did not feed, bait or encourage this encounter whatsoever but merely happened upon seeing ‘Oscar’

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