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Badger Paddle Make Over

Badgers in need of some care

Badgers paddles in need of some care

We have owned these 2 badger paddles for several years now (they have been thru some very busy paddling seasons) and bought the Badger oil from Mike @Badger paddles last year at the Outdoor Adventure Show in Toronto but never got around to actually oiling them. The season crept up fast and while we have done other gear maintenance, oiling the paddles never seemed to get crossed off the list. You can also purchase it from their website

I gave Fiona from Badger Paddles a quick call to confirm instructions and she gave me a quick tip that helped a lot ‘if a little kid could do then I could too’! For some reason I was really afraid of messing up the paddle, not really quite sure why could be that I’ve never really done well with varnishing but this is 100% natural hemp oil and completely different.  Fiona also pointed out that there’s a great video on Youtube from one of Kevin Callan’s Fireside Whiskey chats with Mike showing how to actually oil a paddle. You can view that video here

After waiting a few more days for Duane to bring home the sandpaper (he kept forgetting) I gave up and went out myself to purchase some 400 grit sandpaper from Home Depot. Watched the video with Mike and Kevin twice and then gave it a shot. I honestly don’t know what I was so worried about, it was actually easy peasy and the instant result of seeing my beautiful paddle restored to back to its glory was awesome. Duane came home half way thru me oiling the paddle and couldn’t believe 1. how easy it was 2. the instant renewal, a few battle scars but almost new! We’ve set them aside for a few days to dry, one of our big family trips is looming on the horizon and we can’t wait to dip our freshly oiled paddles in the lake once again. By the way #RewardsAreOutThere #PITPC find out more at Our family’s favorite contest of the summer has started #findthepaddle #keepthepaddle

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Freshly oiled Badger Paddles

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  1. Gayle

    Great job on the paddles – they look like new! It’s good to know that a bit of TLC and Badger Oil was easy to apply and the paddles were restored to such beautiful shape. #wildernessbling

    1. campinggoddess (Post author)

      Thanks Gayle, they need re oiling again after this last trip. They took a beating and now we know how easy it is, oiling will be more frequent!

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