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Camping with babies

Camping with babies can be extremely rewarding. You still have the feeling of ‘getting out there’ yet it’s a lot of work! We took our first born child camping for the first time when she was 2 months old, young yes but even more extraordinary was that it was winter camping in a yurt in January and so began our camping with kids journey. All four of my kids now aged 16, 13, 11 and 9 started out as babies and still continue and love to camp with us as a family.

Hey Mom & Dad!

Getting some sleep:
We tented mainly, I found using towels rolled up as bolsters and placed on either side of baby helped with rolling around beside me and prevented me from rolling over on baby. You could also use a safety bed rail placed under mattress if using a trailer. We always used a waterproof crib pad under baby also to prevent blanket and sleeping bags from accidents. If your tent is big enough, then take a playpen that way you can move it in/out of tent as needed. Bug netting for strollers typically fits the playpen to keep out bugs allowing baby to sleep open air. Glow sticks make excellent night lights without actually turning on a flash light or light and disturbing other family members
We used a folding high chair that attaches to the picnic table with a placemat and table cloth, clean up was easy and it kept critters from visiting for scraps at night (remember to check the ground also). Freezing baby home food ahead of time if you can is handy, acts as ice in the cooler. A tarp spread out on the ground and pegged in lets baby crawl around/play while remaining somewhat clean.
We used to hit the laundry room at the comfort station for baths. Made for quick baths, there’s a counter there for changing and the water can be set at a more suitable temperature than showers. You could also use the plastic tub that you brought your camping gear up in and have an open air bath.
Getting around:
Bring the stroller if you can and enjoy walks around the campground. We loved our baby backpack (the baby wrap/sling are also great) Backpacks are safer on trails in case you trip and squish baby when you fall forward. When they were old enough to wear a helmet into the bike trailer they went and getting around was easy and also let us do more activities. Paddling is also an option if you get the infant lifejacket; nothing puts a baby to sleep better than the rocking motion of a canoe or kayak. An unfolded stadium seat helps keep baby off the bottom and a kid’s umbrella is small enough to provide adequate shade.

Allow for a flexible schedule when planning activities; try not to plan to do too much. Enjoy quiet time when baby is having an afternoon nap or nap together in a hammock.

Happy Camping

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