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Enduring Bug Season so we can keep getting out there!

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If your anything like the regular person then you probably don’t like mosquitoes or black flies. On a recent trip to Algonquin Park, we found the black flies to be insanely bad. Mind you its to be expected in early June in one of Ontario’s most popular parks. We armed ourselves with some bug a couple of different repellants & brought along the inexpensive bug net jackets with a couple of dollar store head nets for good measure. We should be good right??

What did we end up using? I used some  Natrapel 8 hour wipes and Off family care insect repellents, while both worked for a short period of time we still had swarms of black flies around us. Areas that weren’t covered and even those that were, were being feasted on.  Wind on the lake while paddling brought some relief but as soon as we headed back up the enclosed river the swarms found us again. 

Bugs, bugs, bugs, bug net

Bug Off!

Duane finally gave in and decided to were the head net, it didn’t bring much relief to the buzzing but at least his poor ears were left alone. In general I kept re-applying both products about every 1/2 hour. I came home with a few bites also mainly on my ears but not nearly as chewed up as Duane. We have chosen not to use deet based products but have found the need to reapply very frequently.  

So what does everyone use during bug season? Any tips or tricks to battling the bugs?

What remedies do you use after you’ve been bitten to give some relief?  We have the usual after bite stick. I also have a mix that I make into paste and apply that is part meat tenderizer and part baking soda, laugh if you will but it works! It’s also great on bee stings. A dab of apple cider vinegar after washing off the baking soda paste works wonders also. Those are our best home remedies, what are yours? 



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  1. arm2008

    Have you considered using DEET based products on clothing? I don’t apply it to skin, but I do hit my hat and cuffs, even the head net if the buzzing is driving me crazy.

    1. campinggoddess (Post author)

      Hi April, its something that we may consider doing in the future. It seems like the brands that I brought with us work the best on mosquitoes but not so well on black flies. The buzzing with or without the head net drive me nuts. The issue is that deet isn’t good for us and can sometimes be worse on clothing(breaks them down faster) I’ve even had it take the polish off nails way back when I used to use it. Is there a particular brand that works better than others that you would recommend?

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