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Our fishing licenses arrived!

Fishing license, Outdoors Card, Ontario, Fish, Fishing, Canoe, Fish conservation, fines. peche
Happy Fisherman

Ontario Fishing License and Outdoors Card

Very happy to have our fishing license & renewed Ontario Outdoors Card arrive after just a week, that was quite fast! We opted for the 3 year conservation license and also had to renew our Outdoors card at the same time as the old ones had expired so we popped into our local Canadian Tire with our old outdoors cards and bam here they are!

We have to admit the kids haven’t fished much the past few years, many lakes in Killarney are not open to fishing and honestly we didn’t want to portage gear the kids would only use once or twice.  It used to be every trip we took in Algonquin the rods got packed and it didn’t matter if we caught anything, everyone loved trying their luck.

Children under 18 or seniors over 65 who are residents of Canada do not need a fishing licence to fish in Ontario. If you are not fishing with a fishing licence you need to carry identification that shows you do not need a fishing licence”

The cost for a license isn’t very much, details on both license and outdoors card can be found here  

It really doesn’t cost the much if you consider its for a three year period, you are covered for fishing in all seasons including ice fishing. While some people think its fine to fish without a license please reconsider, the fine is greater than the cost of the license and you could lose your vessel. Playing ignorant is also not ok, so even if you don’t think you are going to be fishing very much or even just going out that one time and picking up a rod make sure you have a valid Ontario fishing license. 

Fishing license, Outdoors Card, Ontario, Fish, Fishing, Canoe, Fish conservation, fines. peche

Happy Fisherman!

Keep in mind that your fishing license fee supports: Conservation Officers & Enforcement, Fish Population Health, Rehabilitation & Enhancement, Species & Ecosystem Science, Planning, Policy & Regulatory, Outdoors Cards & Licensing, Safety Education & Promotion.

If you’ve never been to a fish culture station in Ontario, you should go! You can learn about  the role fish culture stations play in restocking Ontario’s lakes & rivers. How they collect eggs, disinfecting eggs/milt to help prevent disease, fertilizing/hatching eggs and rearing/releasing fish. I’ve had the chance to visit the Hill’s Lake fish culture station a few times and its quite interesting. If you’d like to visit or book a tour find out how here:

Looking forward to our next trip, the rods and lures are packed.

Happy fishing!



For more info visit or call 1-800-387-7011.

You can also report Resource Abuse to:  1-877-847-7667 (in Ontario)


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