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Meal prepping for canoe tripping

Tripping season (trips that are a at least a week long or more) is upon us and I’ve slacked. In a big way and now I’m paying for it. The house while it smells divine as the Lem dehydrator whirls away is smoking hot! Our two older daughters have decided to do their own food for the trips also which means yes, 2 dehydrators going at the same time as temps are reaching the 30’s each day. With no air right now, I wish we could move them outside but we just can’t chance it .

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Asian Vegetables with Quinoa

What’s in the dehydrator? I’ve already done a batch of red & yellow peppers that will be toppings on back country pizza. There’s also dried Green Giant Asian medley veggies with quinoa, that will be a side with some re-hydrated beef strips. 

Cause we also love our pups and they join us on trips and their food is heavy, I also dehydrated some of their favorite canned food. (typically they never eat normally when we camp and we find this helps them). I will be the first to admit that dog food drying smells horrible, but it didn’t take to long as I cut it in halves and kept flipping them. Now they look like little disks that can be re-hydrated with some warm water and mixed up with their kibble. Sounds gross but it helps save on weight and packaging. The dogs carry their own packs with their food rationed out into baggies for each meal, that way the kids can help at feeding time. 


I also  just put in a tray of homemade spaghetti sauce for the back country pizzas along with some sliced black olives which i have never tried before so I will report back on those. Another couple food items that made it into this load (its a five tray dehydrator) is lemons & limes which are very nice in our dinner cocktails but can also be added to teas. 

New food drying attempts are being made at red currants from grandma’s garden and canned pineapple as well as canned clementines. These can be added to oatmeal’s or snacked on alone. 

 I almost forgot that last week I cut, marinated and dried 2 entire roasts of jerky for a total of 13 x 8 piece portions with some for us to sample of course. 

Most of our meals are pretty simple especially if we have a good day of paddling or portaging which means they need to be made easily and quickly to prevent hangry kids. We take two stoves, a twig and a fuel stove that we have had forever. Both of us enjoy using the twig more, it heats water incredibly quickly and without much effort but if it a meal requires simmering or low controlled heat then the old Brunton gas stove comes out. 

There is still a ton of food left to dry wish me luck! It will get done and be totally worth it when we are sitting back country and not worrying about meal prep or eating well…in the meantime back to the dehydrating grind I go! ~marian


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