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Off to a great start, New Year’s Camping in Algonquin Park

This was our third time celebrating New Years in the park and probably the most social. The first time we barely made it to midnight huddled around the group fire pit while the temps dipped to the high teens and in to the -2o’s overnight. The other family that was with us were equally looking forward to getting back into warmth and going to bed. The new year countdown was pathetic and over quickly as we all dispersed to our respective campsites. Last year 2016 new years eve  was warmer, a several more faces around the campfire and new friendships foraged. The Mew lake ice rink wasn’t up yet but the kids still had fun playing ball hockey while helping tamp down the future ice rink surface.

A snowy Starling Lookout

New Years Eve this years saw the kids had enjoying a full day on the rink, a group of adults enjoyed a snowy hike up to Starling Look out.And then there was 2017, although we were missing a couple of the regulars that we usually see, there was 30 people, all friends ringing in the new year by winter camping in Algonquin park. It was a beautiful evening, we had a snowfall the day before and the trees were laden with huge clumps of snow that would fall when the wind blew. Standing around the fire pit I was hit twice as the branches warmed from the heat of the fire, the snow unluckily sliding down my neck. The common denominator flowing thru the group was friendships(some new) and the thirst for adventure, to begin a new year fresh in a place that means something  different to all of us yet similar enough to bring us all together.

New Years Eve Shinny game 2017

Gathered by the group fire for the countdown

It was exactly the way we wanted our family to begin a new year, outside enjoying  nature in a special part of our country and not stuck at home on a couch waiting for some celeb to count us down. New years Day saw a leisure breakfast that started with peeling our frozen eggs before cooking them. The hearty breakfast prepped us for our onesie race, impromptu race organized by a group of us.

It was great day spent outdoors with some walks and  another pick up  game of shinny in our onesies. I cant think of a better way to begin 2017!

More pics can be view at                                                                                                                                                                                                 

(thanks Harvey Cornell for taking the pics and putting up with our antics). 


New Years Day Onsie Race photo credit to Harvey Cornell

Out of the gates, twas an eventful onesie race!


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