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Outdoor Adventure Show 2018 Toronto

Outdoor Adventure Show 2018

How many of you checked you the Outdoor Adventure Show last weekend? Did it get you pumped and excited for a new season of paddling, camping, hiking and exploring? I know it certainly put us in the mood. Every year we drool over boats, purchase or replace worn out gear, chat with outfitters and catch some presentations. We were barely in the door before we ran into Mike Ranta and faithful Spitzii, epic Canadian adventures. Thanks Mike for the hand carved canoe!

I’ve put together a short video of our time at the show, this is my first attempt at editing so go easy. I also lost some footage (deleted accidentally instead of backing up when Hailey and I headed out on the Sunday of the show for a winter camping trip). Anyways enjoy!  

The speaking line ups are always one of our favourite aspects of the outdoor adventure show, this years was well put together! 

We caught a few presentations on the Friday, thinking the show would be a bit slower but boy were we wrong! We managed to see Hap Wilson who spoke about his favourite places and mysterious haunts, this certainly spark our attention.  Jim Baird from the show Alone, who presented on braving the Kesagami River alone presented at the adventures in paddling stage. As did  Randy Mitson who spoke about Algonquin Parks best paddling routes. In between we caught up with some of our favourite Canadian companies exhibiting at the show. Unfortunately on Saturday we didn’t catch all of the presentations that we wanted to see, some like Mike Ranta and Kevin Callan were standing room only and we couldn’t get in. We also managed to mix up our schedule times and only caught the tail end of the Passionate Paddlers presentation. We did catch Preston from  who is always one of our favourites.  

Our friends at Qwick Wik were handing out incredible smelling fire starters that we truly appreciate for their reliability, we know we can always depend on their Canadian product to get our fires started. Did you know that this is a family operation?

In fact there were several Canadian owned/operated outdoor based business retailers exhibiting at the show. We enjoyed chatting with Keith from KIHD Products about his recent winter camping trip to Algonquin. We picked up some Kupilka cups from Canadian Outdoor Equipment. There was also some great spoon carving demonstrations there as well. Up the Nipissing was carrying the Eureka No Bug Zone that we’ve been waiting to purchase for the upcoming paddling season. We’d certainly love to see more small outdoor product retailers at future shows.

One of our favourite things to do while at the Outdoor Adventure Show is to chat with Ontario Parks staff and outfitters about potential routes.  Harlan at Red Lake Outfitters provided some great information for a paddling route in 2019 and we happily picked up a canoe routes map from him. 

We were also able to support the Friends of Temagami with a membership purchase and yet another map of the region to add to our growing collection and renewed our Rapid Media subscription. 

Wabakimi Canoe Outfitters & EcoLodge also too the time to chat with us about the benefits of flying in or starting a canoe trip off via train and yes you are correct another map…. this time a canoe routes planning map for a future trip. 

We had our 12 yd daughter along with us for day 2 of the show and she thoroughly enjoyed collecting stamps, rock climbing,  visiting with Elsa the snowy owl from Hawk Eye and the games demonstrations at Tourism Nunavut

The show is an excellent place to spend a day or two catching presentations or picking up a new piece of gear. Its especially good for paddlers as there a several canoe manufacturers on hand with their products to see, feel and even give a test paddle in the white water demo pool.  We bumped into several outdoor friends along the way, the show provides ample space to sit and have a snack or a coffee and catch up while resting your feet a bit (very much appreciated).

In all The Outdoor Adventure Show is a great way to spend a weekend, it certainly put us in the mood to get paddling! For more show information check out  

Maybe we will see you there next year!


Have a look some of the great exhibitors we had a chance to visit with




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