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Show me your Plaid!

We talk a lot about the Mew Lake campground in Algonquin being a community, where other people watch out for your kids and where the kids can run and play. I decide to put together a fun little event called “show me your plaid” just days before the big Family day weekend festival. I wasn’t entirely sure if people would participate and I was quite happy that we had a good turnout! I managed to convince 37 people and 2 dogs to wear plaid for a group pic, there would have been more except one of our daughters went snowboarding with another family and we missed a few people trying to sneak in a hike before leaving that day. All in all it was a fun time, I will definitely organize another show me your plaid day again next year! Check out the pic here on our facebook page, in fact head over an like our page for more daily postings!

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