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Turtle Awarness

Some of our friends at and http:/// over on Facebook have been talking about turtle conservation in support of International Turtle and Tortoise Awareness week. We’ve come across a great many turtles on our paddling adventures over the years. In fact I would say about 90% of our encounters occur on our campsites, usually when we are making some noise getting water and even when swimming. When that happens we know that some irresponsible campers have been either feeding the snapping turtles or inadvertently feeding the turtles by washing dirty dishes in the lake…both are no no’s. So help keep them wild, don’t feed them! Believe us, there is enough frogs, crayfish and minnows in the lakes to keep them fed. Also don’t wash dirty dishes in the lakes, fill a clean pot, water bottle, bucket etc and bring it up away from the water to wash your dishes and dispose of responsibly away from the water so any soap doesn’t leach back down into the lake.

Have a look at our video below, out of all of our snapping turtle interactions this is the most particular one we have by far caught on film. Two large snapping turtles locked in an embrace rolling in the lake. Now maybe they were ninja turtles practicing their ninja skills or they were mating? Whats your take?

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